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Is a CSECTION the easy way out?

After giving birth vaginally three times, I was one of those moms who thought c-sections were the easy way out.

I mean how hard could it be? We were created to push a babies through our who-haa. If I could do it than anyone could.

My fourth little girl had a plan of her own though.

At 34 weeks I went into the hospital with constant contractions. I was there for over a week, having contractions constantly. I was hooked up to an IV, and stuck in an uncomfortable hospital bed for days. About six days in my daughter started having heart decelerations, and she wasn’t moving much. The doctors came in and told me they wanted to induce me. I was ready! Time to do what God created me to do.

I was hooked up to the moniters, and given pitocin. But atleast I was still getting to deliever my baby naturally! No easy way out for me! Twelve hours in sh*t hit the fan. My daughter’s vitals were all over the place from me having constant contractions for over a week, and my cervix not progressing at all.

The doctor finally came in at 1 am to tell me that I needed to get the baby out NOW! We immediately headed to the OR. I was scared… more like terrified.

My doctor proceeded to cut me in half. The actually surgery wasn’t to bad.

Most new moms get to hold and cuddle their babies right after delivery. .Not me! My daughter was taken to the NICU, and I was taken to recovery. What they don’t tell you is after the surgery they send in a torture specialist aka my nurse to push down on your newly cut up stomach as hard as she can. I have never felt pain so intense in my life. Not even during my other labors. (Sidenote: I know the nurse was just doing her job, no hard feelings here. )

It was close to 16 hours before I was able to hold my daughter. After all of that waiting, I was able to snuggle my newborn for all of 30 mins, before I doubled over in pain. I was immediately taken back up to my room.

At least through all of the immense pain, not getting to hold my daughter, breastfeeding and latching issues, and having to leave the hospital without my daughter I could hold on to the fact that I got out the easy way… right?

The perks that go along with c-secs are amazing too! Let me tell you taking care of a newborn when you can barely walk is so EASY!! It’s awesome balling hysterically while pumping, because your incision is being contracted. I loved the fact that it hurt to hold my daughter.

So to all of my c-section mommas out there,  you are amazing. Sometimes taking the ‘easy way out” is way harder than people give you credit for!


12 thoughts on “Is a CSECTION the easy way out?

  1. My personal belief is that nobody has any right to say anything about the way a woman gives birth. It does not matter which way a woman gives birth because both methods are hard and so is the recovery. The recovery itself is different. You made some great points. I don’t think people realize that a C-section is a major surgical procedure.

    1. Yeah! I think people forget it is major surgery. I was in pain for several months after the surgery, but in the end it was worth it!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Love this!!!! People really think that and I’m like I still can’t feel my incision area and it’s been two years. I also still have nightmares of the nurses pushing on my stomach. Worst pain ever

    1. OMG!! Yes. I still have pain at my incision site. Its terrible. And you are so right about the nightmares from the nurse pushing on your stomach. It is literally the worst pain I have ever felt.

      Thanks for reading!!

  3. The EASY way out? No way! C-section mamas are freaking badass!!
    I have not had to have a cesarean, and I am really glad that the surgery is available to those that need it. With my third pregnancy, I had C-section scares all the way up to and through my delivery. It was terrifying.
    Props to all you mamas that have to take the difficult route. xoxo

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