Why being a Work-At-Home-Mom sucks..

When I tell people that I work from home full time, I always get the same response “Oh you are so lucky!” and “You get to stay home with your kids, and GET paid?!?!”. I guess in theory it sounds like a dream come true to most. I mean what could be better than staying home, and getting paid to do that?

I am here to tell you that most days SUCK. Yes, I do get to be at home with my kids. I don’t have to put them in daycare/aftercare, but I am not really ever “here” with them. I am behind a desk from 8-5, and not really giving any part of my life 100%.

Now don’t get me wrong, its not all bad. I don’t have to fight traffic in the morning. I don’t have to miss work if the kids are sick. WAHMs are physically there for their kids.

Mentally thats a whole different ball game. I am NOT getting paid to stay home with my kids. I am getting paid to do full time work, and be a full time mommy on top of that. Its hard. Can you imagine being at your full time job, with your toddler at your feet wanting your full attention.

Working at home pulls you in 5000 directions at once. The ‘mom-guilt’ is always in full swing. When my child is sick, I can’t sit and cuddle her all day. She sees me here, and I can only imagine what she is thinking…. “Why can’t mommy hold me?” or “Why can’t mommy play with me?” or the best of the ‘mom-guilts’ of all… “Does mommy not love me?”

I am guessing most of you WAHMs can relate to constantly not feeling good enough in any area of your life.  I also get that moms working out of the house, or full time SAHMs might look at this and turn their nose up.

Working outside the home is hard, being a SAHM is hard…. BUT so is being a WAHM. So the next the next time someone says “I am a WAHM” to you, just remember it’s always greener on the otherside. NO mom has it easy, and we are all just struggling to do the ‘mom’ thing right!

2 thoughts on “Why being a Work-At-Home-Mom sucks..

    1. I agree with you! It doesn’t matter if you choose to work full time, work at home, or stay home full time. Being a mom is HARD!!

      Thanks for reading!

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